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Starcomm Wireless Now Offers Cellular Signal Booster to help with your Cellular phone coverage needs in building & offices.  Works with most major Cellular Carriers.

A cellular Signal Booster is a Bi-Directional Signal Amplifier.  It takes a weak signal coming from a Cellular Tower Base Radio Station, increases the signal strength and transmit it to your Cell Phone.  Simultaneously it takes the signal coming from your cell phone or mobile device and increases the signal strength and transmits it back to the cellular base station tower.  This process must be set up properly for it to work and perform correctly.  Pricing ranges from the size of your building and office.  Some cellular Boosters can be installed on your own.  Starcomm Wireless can design and provide full installation and setup.

Building Booster Qualifying Questions to help determine the correct Cellular Booster:

a) Complete address where booster kit will be set up_______________________

b) Size of  building and materials of exterior :_______________________________

c) Which cell providers do you wish to cover: ________________________________

d) If for modem use, the exact model of modem or if building how many square feet do you wish to cover:_____________________________

e) Can you make a call outside of the building?, if so during the call how many bars will the phone show during an active call outside of the building:_______________________________

Please contact our Starcomm Sales Team for more information and equipment/installation price quote

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